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Doctor Who

Asterismos - "marking with stars" - a word that gives weight or draws attention to the words that follow #
The Doctor get a distress call from some old friends... well, enemies... maybe.


My Alien Invasion - w/ Elliot, Scrubs *** - from Mapsincolor account
Sometimes the smartest way to deal with aliens is to HIDE!

My Glass Wall - w/ Elliot, Scrubs ***
Why are glass walls popping up EVERYWHERE? And why doesn't Elliot have a shirt?

Hard times ain't gonna rule my mind  - w/ Roland Deschain, Dark Tower ***
A gunslinger and a time-traveling-temp walk into a bar...

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Name: Maps
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Character Name: Donna Noble

Series: Doctor Who

Timeline: Episode 4.14 "Journey's End"
- Right after Donna is zapped by Davros, creating the "DoctorDonna"

Canon Resource Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donna_Noble

Character History:

Donna Noble is the most important woman in the universe.

Of course, she doesn’t believe it. Not a word. She’s just a Temp from Chiswick. And she’s... waiting. Waiting for something interesting to happen. Her life is so small. So boring. Work, home, pub, then do it all again. Adventures are for other people. Somehow, she always misses them. Remember that UFO hovering over London? She had a hangover. Or that Cyberman Invasion? Scuba diving in Spain. She is not a part of the big picture.

That all changes when she gets married. Finally, the big day, her all in white, being whisked off by The One! This is the grand adventure her life was always supposed to be! Except...  it isn't her husband doing the whisking. No, the one whisking her off is a man known only as The Doctor. And it isn't so much “whisking” as “Accidentally sucking her into his TARDIS,” a machine which can travel through time and space.

The Doctor is hurting and alone. He’s just said goodbye to a person he loved but couldn’t save. The last thing he wants now is a strange bride shouting at him. And BLIMEY can Donna shout!  Best thing to do is get her to the church, right? Oh, well, and stop the evil Santa robots after her. Then do something about the horde of carnivorous spiders about to devour the Earth. He watches them all burn and drown. He could just stay there, burn and drown himself. Then Donna tells him “You can stop now.” They run.

The Doctor is what Donna needs. She needs someone to see her, not the boring life she’s stuck in. See how she can shine, see how much better she makes everything and everyone, just by talking to them. Just by listening, asking questions, thinking, learning. She needs the bigger picture.

As for The Doctor? He insists HE doesn’t need anyone. Why should he? He has all of space and time at his command. However, that’s the problem. As Donna observes, “You need someone to STOP you.”

They both need a friend.
Still, when the Doctor offers to let Donna  travel with him, she declines. She isn’t ready for that kind of life. Not yet. Give her a year. Give her a year to think and explore and realize she wants the bigger picture. Give her a year to look for the Doctor. When they meet up again, when he asks again, the answer is,“Yes. Yes, please.”

Their first stop is Pompeii, the day Vesuvius explodes. The Doctor can’t rewrite this history. The destruction of the city is a fixed point in time. However, at Donna’s pleading he does rescue one family. Because though he can’t save everyone, he can still save someone. Donna pulls him back from the edge, reminds him that though the universe is full of horrors and terrors, there are still people worth saving.
Later, he admits that Donna was right - he does need someone.  With that, he officially welcomes her aboard the TARDIS. And they’re off, The Doctor and Donna. They visit so many places, each more absurd then the last. Donna meets Agatha Christie and the peculiar Ood and ordinary people. It’s wonderful and terrible. She’s never run so much, yelled so much, been so scared, and she’s never been this alive.

Still, she doesn’t think she’s special. Not really. But things are starting to converge on her. Coincidences. Parallel universes.  Everyone and everything focus on this one human woman. It’s strange. It’s as if someone wanted to make sure she and the Doctor met.

Then planet Earth is stolen by the Daleks, a xenocidal army led by Davros, the Doctor’s oldest enemy. They take it for a scheme that will end EVERYTHING, all of existence. The Doctor and his friends scramble to save reality. In the chaos, Donna watches the Doctor shot right in front of her. However, he does not die. He uses power from a process called “regeneration” to heal himself, then stores the extra.

As the crisis rages on, this energy ends up combining with Donna’s. A second Doctor forms. He is part Time Lord, part human. The exchange changes Donna too. She absorbs the Doctor’s mind and becomes something unthinkable - A Human Time Lord, the DoctorDonna. An electrical shock from Davros is the final spark needed to kick the Doctor's memories into life.

And for an instant, Donna believes. Believes that she is special, that she can save everyone, the only one who can. The Daleks capture everyone else, but they underestimate her. The DoctorDonna saves them all

For that instant, she IS the most important woman in the universe.

CANON: Donna begins to burn out. All of time and space are crashing through her head.  She is human, and not designed to hold the mind of a Time Lord. It’s going to kill her. To stop it, the Doctor must bury everything. Not just his memories, but Donna's too - of him, their travels, all they’ve done. Worst of all, he has to change her back to who she was at the start, a Temp from Chiswick who missed everything. Again.

If she remembers a second of it, she will die.

She is the most important woman in the universe, and she can never know it.

ENTRANCEWAY: In Wonderland, Donna will be pulled out  right after becoming the DoctorDonna. The memories taken are mostly from the Time Lord side. Bizarrely, arriving in Wonderland may have just saved her life. There are still flashes of brilliance and pounding headaches, but for now, she will not burn.

She has no idea where her friends are, or what happened. She will shout down the Red Queen herself to find them!

Abilities/Special Powers:

Donna would tell you she's human, nothing physically remarkable except her typing speed (100 wpm!) and ability to yell. However, she is also carrying the mental impression of The Doctor, a Time Lord. She has the memories of countless lives and timelines all buzzing through her head. She is an impossible combination, the DoctorDonna.

Wonderland will have taken many of these memories, which may actually a good thing. She's still human. If she had all that information in her head, she would burn out. However, there's enough left for flashes of brilliance and headaches. She may or may not be able to figure out what's happened.

Third-Person Sample:

This isn’t the TARDIS. It isn’t London or Earth or even Pompeii. Donna blinks, nonplussed.

“Where the hell am I?!”

There’s no answer. It’s quiet here, so quiet. It’s wrong. There had been screaming, her screams as she burned, as the TARDIS incinerated. Her throat still aches from it. She rubs at her eyes, scratchy from the smoke. Then in the flames, there had been someone else... someone familiar... but she can’t recall the face.

There’s no fire here. Instead, the sky is grey, heavy with the promise of rain. Clouds sprawl over a checkerboard landscape. The grass grows in perfect squares of light and dark, rolling off into the horizon. It's inviting. Just waiting for someone to stroll out until the squares meet the clouds and give up their secrets.

Somehow, that seems like a bad idea.

Right. Other options, then? Donna  looks around. There’s a house behind her. No, house is insufficient, that's a proper mansion. It's got wings and a whole topiary garden! Posh place like that, someone's got to know what's going on.  Maybe the Doctor’s even in there.

Of course. Unless you’re - No. You, Donna Noble, are not dead. You are not dead because if you were, your head wouldn’t hurt this much. You are absolutely not. If you’re fine the Doctor’s probably fine too. Even if “Fine” is Time Lord for “Not fine at all” -

“Stop it,” she hisses out loud. “That's not helping, and If you think it again, I’ll... I’ll...”

Well. She’ll something, that’s for sure. Looks like the manor's her best bet. Squaring her shoulders, she heads for the entrance.

First-Person Sample:


[A woman appears on the screen. She gives a large smile and waves.]

Yes - hello! I think I’ve got this working right. Seems like your basic transmitter, not a bad design really once you adjust the biofeedback to -

Sorry. Right, I’m looking for my friend. He calls himself The Doctor. Skinny bloke, hair sticking up like he French-kissed a toaster? Probably jabbering at ninety kilometers a second? Anyway. If you can get him to shut up for a moment, could you tell him Donna’s looking for him?  Donna Noble. Me. Guess I should have said to begin with...

[She thinks, then continues.]

Rose - If anyone’s seen Rose Tyler? Or Martha Jones? Jack Harkness? They’re friends of his too. Mine as well, I suppose. Or they will be. Look, it's time travel, little bit complicated. But maybe they’ve seen him?

[They have to get back. The Daleks have the Earth, have everyone, Mum and Gramps and... it’s hard to remember... it’s as if pieces are gone.

That worries her.]

If anyone can help... Please.


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Donna Noble, Super Temp and Most Important Woman In Creation (even if she really doesn't believe that)
  • Timeline: Any
  • Abilities: Donna is human, nothing physically remarkable except her typing speed and ability to run. She is smarter then she gives herself credit for.
  • Injuries: Minor injuries fine, ask for more serious. No permanent disfigurement.
  • 4th Wall: Ask first
  • Death: NO. (Isn't canon BAD ENOUGH?!)
  • Relationships
    • Gen: Open to all - Donna loves meeting new people! Castmates and crossovers always welcome!
    • Romantic: Men only. PM me if you want to play that way, Donna's pretty picky. (And NO on the Doctor)
    • Smut: Only if discussed first.


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